Competition Bulletin 2





Changchun, China 16/09/2012 2012

Competition centre: Vasa House Area

Competition Information

Vasa Bridge Forest
1:7 500, 5 m contour interval, size A4 , produced by Petr Hranicka,Roman Horky  2012, printed by laser printer . Map is in plastic bag.

Course planner
Jaroslav Kacmarcik

ME 5,7km  23 controls  150m climb
WE 4,7km  19 controls  120m climb  
Other courses :
M35     4,7km
M21 4,6km
W21 3,7km
M20 3,7km
Open 2,0km 

There is one Sportident unit at every control on the course.

Forbidden areas
Only some few privat areas

Shoes and dress.
O- shoes  and O-dress are recommended.

Control descriptions
Will be distributed 3 minutes before your start time. These are also printed on the map.

Warm-up area
Will be indicated upon arrival at the competition centre. It is important that all runners comply with the instructions.

Traffic in the park
There is light traffic in the park. Be carefuly when crossing roads.

Start procedure
Pre-start – 3min.

Finish - Finish line PUNCHING!!!!
!!!! All runners competing in own risk!!!

Time schedule :
10:30 opening ceremony
11:00 first W start
11.30 first M start
16.15 flowers ceremony


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