China elite runner will join us too!

We are really pride of 2012Vasa Orienteering Festival is honor to invite the elite runner from China Tianjin University of Finance Economics. Their names and the best results are as follow:

  Name Country Best Result
W女 Zhu Mingyue China      2008WOC No.7 relay  
W女 Wang Yingwei  China      2011SOCN Elite race No.1-middle distance;2012 SOCN No.1--Middle distance 
W女 Liang Zhangyu  China      2011 National Championship No.1 sprint--W18E。2012SOCN Sprint No.3  
M男 Liang Xiyuan China      2011 National Championship No.1 sprint-M-18?;2012 SOCN No.1--sprint distance  
M男 Wu Yongfa China      2011 National Championship No.1 sprint-M21 2011 SOCN ME No.1        
M男 Liang Wenbin  China      2011 National Championship M21E 100 meters No.1;2011 SOCN ME21 100 meters No.1   
M男 Yi Zhihui China      2012 Universiade Game Orienteering Championship No.1 for short & middle distant

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