Melnichenko and Potapenko stars of the orienteering weekend
Yesterday's best five male runners proved they were the best of the field as they dominated the competition also on the second sunny day of the Vasa Orienteering Festival in Changchun. Victory went again to Anton Melnichenko from Khabarovsk, who completed the middle distance (approx. 5 km) through the forest of Jingyuetan more than 3 minutes faster than Oleg Grishchukov and Petr Nurmukhametov. Mel...[More]
VOF 2011 - DAY 1: Russian runners keep locals off the podium
Mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine on day 1 of the 2nd Vasa Orienteering Festival in Changchun's Jingyuetan Park. More than 250 competitive runners took the start over the Middle Distance (circa 5km) with several hundreds more doing the non-competitive "experience walk". As expected, the Russian team delivered some great performances today, effectively keeping other nations from the prizes i...[More]
China's orienteering runners ready for Vasa experience
China's foot orienteering scene is getting all ready for the 2nd Vasa Orienteering Festival (VOF) in the Northeastern city of Changchun, Jilin Province. This weekend, over a thousand people from China and abroad are expected to take part in the Festival, spread over various categories and 2 days of competition. Foot orienteering is a growing sport in the Middle Kingdom, and the Changchun event fo...[More]
VASA ORIENTEERING FESTIVAL 2011 Runner Informatio was updated
VASA ORIENTEERING FESTIVAL 2011 Runner Informatio     Arena centers and programSeptember 17th Saturday                                      September 18th Sunday Event Arena: Main Square of Jingyuet...[More]
About Orienteering
On 17 & 18 September Nordic Ways Vasa organises its next event inside the magnificent Jingyuetan Park: the Vasa Orienteering Festival (VOF) already looks set to become a classic sports and fun event for young and old alike. A few months after the successful launch in autumn 2010, Nordic Ways and the Changchun Tourism Bureau, with support of the Changchun government, agreed on a long-term coope...[More]
Dixon and Thoren flying high
The world’s shortest triathlon at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Beijing last Saturday received applause from participants and spectators alike, and can be summarised appropriately as sports, fun, food and wine. The competitions were won in great style by Roy Dixon in the men’s category, and Annie Thoren in the women’s. The Minithlon concept developed by Nordic Ways last year looks set to expand in...[More]
2nd Beijing Minithlon: event timetable
The timetable for the 2nd International Beijing Minithlon has just been announced. In order to keep the programme as compact as possible and prevent athletes from cooling down too much between races, the starting time has been postponed somewhat. The first race will now start at 4 p.m., and the finals will be held as of 6 p.m. The grand BBQ Party is set to commence at 6.30 p.m. Registration for th...[More]
Attention:It's Minithlon time!
he 2011 Beijing International Minithlon will be held on Sep, 3 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Chaoyang District. This is a fun event open for anyone to participate. A number of international triathlon stars will also take part, such as 2011 Swedish champion Annie Thoren and Chinese star Dang Qi. The Minithlon is a good warm-up for next week's ITU World Triathlon Championships, which also take place ...[More]
The awards of 2011 Beijing International Minithlon was updated
You can click here to find the information.[More]
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