Estonian and French dominance on the 2nd day of Vasa Orienteering Festival
The second day of Vasa Orienteering Festival also took place at the Changchung Jing Yuetan Park. This time it was in a more forested area of this beautiful park. It was long distance for the Vasa runners. The event center was located at the famous Vasaloppet house. The winners of the day were Timo Sild of Estonia, and Lea Vercellotti of France. The winners were in a class of their own in today’s...[More]
Osterbo & Johansson winners of day 1
It  was an interesting race today in Jing Yuetan Park in the outskirts of Changchung, organized by Vasa Orienteering Festival. The victories went to Norway and Estonia as Oystein Kvaal Osterbo won the men's race and Liis Johansson the women's race.  After Osterbo and Johansson, the other runners among the top 3 were Matthias Muller and Tomas Dlabaja in the men's, and Zhu Mingyue and Lea...[More]
Competition Bulletin 2
        VASA ORIENTEERING FESTIVAL Changchun, China 16/09/2012 2012 Competition centre: Vasa House Area Competition Information MapVasa Bridge Forest1:7 500, 5 m contour interval, size A4 , produced by Petr Hranicka,Roman Horky  2012, printed by laser printer . Map is in plastic bag. Course plannerJaroslav Kacmarcik CoursesME 5,7km  23 controls  150m cli...[More]
China elite runner will join us too!
We are really pride of 2012Vasa Orienteering Festival is honor to invite the elite runner from China Tianjin University of Finance Economics. Their names and the best results are as follow:   Name Country Best Result W女 Zhu Mingyue China      2008WOC No.7 relay   W女 Wang Yingwei  China      2011SOCN Elite race No.1-midd...[More]
2012 Vasa Orienteering -Profile of the elite runners
The 2012 Vasa Orienteering Festival is honored to invite more than 40 top players from about 30 countries to join us this year. Please click their name to see the runners profile: Family name Name Country Dent Julian Australia Leonhardt Karin Austria Michiels Yannick Belgium Critchley Will Canada Dlabaja Tomas Czech republic Hajek Daniel Czech republic Nykodym Milos Czech republic ...[More]
Competition Bulletin 1
2012 Vasa Orienteering Festival is formally entering into the period of the countdown stage,3 days before the competition which will be held on the 15th September.And here comes the latest participant information,Please click here to download.  [More]
Vasa orienteering festival is coming!
Compass,maps,vally with trees....An exciting game among elites players ! The Vasa Orienteering Festival is going to be held on Sep.15 2012 in Jingyue National Landscape and Famous Scenery of Changchun. More than 40 excellent orienteers from more than 30 countries such as Sweden,Norway,France and Spain will give a public performance of breaking the fresh ground for the world. Click here for I...[More]
Welcome to 2012 Vasa Orienteering Festival
Why not try a different and more fun way of orienteering together with your family and friends? Some time together! You and your friends and family can locate yourselves in the forest together with a simple map and compass from point to point, time to test your navigation and stamina! To make your adventure even better there will be the world top player from more then 25 countries compete with you t...[More]
A Joyful Adventure ---- China Construction Bank Vasa Orienteering Fun trial
May 26, 2012, Crewmember from China Construction Bank inspired by the genial sunshine into Jingyuetan park, with full of curiosity and interest. They sailed in Vasa museum surrounded by the mountains and started a joyful orienteering. The race began after a warm-up trial. Total 40 orienteer was divided into eight groups, the most interesting question could be which group will be the winner. About ...[More]
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