Changchun Jingyue Park Vasa Triathlon China 2010 Regulations

Changchun Jingyue Park Vasa Triathlon China 2010 Regulations

i. Organiser: Changchun Municipal Government, Nordic Ways

ii. Date: August 28th, 2010

iii. Place: Changchun Jingyue Park

iv. Categories:
1. Male/Female Opening Group Swimming: 750m
2. Male/Female Opening Group Mountain Bike: 18 km
3. Male/Female Opening Group Mountain Running: 5km

v. Disciplines Based
“Competition Regulations ” drafted by International Triathlon Federation and Chinese Triathlon Association.

vi. Competition Rules
1. Participants are required to be passionate bikers in good condition with no acute disease of brain & lung or heart disease history, otherwise they are responsible for the any relevant disease accidents involved. Participants are all  required take part in the event willingly.
2. A written consent from the relevant guardians is demanded for the Participant under 18 or over 60
3. Participants presently being elite cyclists (including members of a province teams or students at sports schools) will not be included in the final result list and can not compete for prizes. Elite cyclists retired for over 3 years from date of the race are allowed to compete as regular participants.\
4. Being equipped with approved cycling helmet during the whole event is compulsory for all participants
5. participants are required to register before the deadline
6. The OC will purchase the insurances for the registered cyclists, based on the correct information provided. Hence, participants’ correct info is required. Otherwise, they should be responsible for the any risk or injury involved. The free student participants will be allowed to join the race only by buying the insurance themselves
7. All the participants are demanded to ride right following the race track arranged. Otherwise, they should be responsible for any risk of injury involved off the track
8. Any accidents or danger beyond rescue appearing, the OC is authorized to shorten the race distance or cancel the race accordingly
9. Abiding by the rules, paying respect to the race integrity of fairness and honesty , watching out for the safety around should be the high responsibility to each participant. Any kind of attack or damaging are not allowed. Otherwise they should be responsible for any risk of injury involved, and Nordicways are authorized to have them warned, forbidden, unqualified, etc

vii. Awards
Race Trophy, Race Medals and Sponsor Gifts for the first 8 both male and female

viii. New necessary rules will be kept being updated

ix. The OC of Changchun Lidingoloppet China owns the authority for interpretation

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