2013 Vasa Cross Country Running Festival Track Map
As the annual Vasa Running Festival draws nearer, the professional staff of Vasa Company will as usual provide you with a splendid sports feast.   The track layout of the 2013 event has just been made public! In planning the track, care has been taken to preserve the highlights of previous tracks  but change those parts that have been deemed inadequate. The work of planning  the the...[More]
Registration info of 2013 Vasa Cross Country Running Festival
The signup for the 2013 Vasa Running Festival is now open. As an expression of gratitude to the great interest shown by runners in years past, Vasa Company will give a special signup offer: you only need to contact us by telephone or e-mail with your signup details before 2013-06-10 and you will enjoy a special discount price, as well as receive continuous updates about the event from the company....[More]
Program of 2013 Vasa Cross Country Running Festival
This year’s Vasa Running Festival will offer a great challenge to participants, especially since the event has now been extended to two days. The running and hiking events have now been separated, which both allows more opportunities for the hikers to make friends from all over the world as well as raises the relative level of the running event. Another exciting feature will be the presence of a...[More]
Prizes of Vasa Cross Country Running Festival
The prizes of this years event will not see any significant change compared to previous years. I.e. the first three runners to finish the 30 km race will receive prize money, with the first six of other events receiving cups, medals and sponsor prize products.What needs to be especially pointed out is that, in order to maintain fairness in the competition, the schedule of the competitions will be ...[More]
Welcome to Vasa Cross Country Running Festival 2013
The 2013 edition of the Vasa Running Festival will be held in the same spirit and atmosphere as the previous events, with a focus on providing entertainment for everyone. It will be a high-quality international sports event, which will bring cross-country running to a wide audience. The event will serve both as a running competition and as a celebration of the Swedish midsummer holiday. For this r...[More]
Vasa Cross Country Running Festival pictures 2012
2012 Cross Country Running Result Publishing
7.5 km Female Young Ranking No. Result Name 1 1027 29:46.5 Zhu Mingyue 2 1094 30:39.7 Kong Fanzhong  3 1025 31:31.9 Zhang Xiaona 7.5km Female Senior Ranking No. Bibs Result Name 1 1007 54:51.9 Pang Lijuan 2 1002 55:12.0 Piao Wenli 3 1003 56:27.5 Zhang Mengyi 7.5km Male Young Ranking No. Bibs Result Name 1 657 27:09.4 Sun Jiawei 2 871 33:26.4 Xu Zhiqiang 3 8...[More]
2012 Vasa Cross Country Festival officially commenced
2012 Vasa Cross Country Festival officially commenced on June 17. After a brief opening ceremony, fired shot started the game at 9:30. The Event of Cross Country Running totally set 30 km, 15 km, 7.5 km and 2.5 km fun race (excluding results). Not only the men and women grouped, but also set the senior groups (over 50 yrs). The oldest runner is 67 years old and the youngest runner is 8 years old. ...[More]
Continental signed with Nordicways Vasa
Good news Continental(Jilin)has signed contract with Nordicways Vasa as the sponsor partner. Continental was found in 1995, they are the manufacture in production engine sensors, speed sensors, fuel rail assembly, spray paint, engine control system (EMS), the gearbox control unit, body controllers, window anti-trap module, keyless entry systems, air bag controller, ABS control unitbody control, secu...[More]
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